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Small scale carbon footprinting

At the RECSO project workshop yesterday in London, I had a chance coversation with Martin Sepion, Senior Adviser at the JISC RSC for London. Martin told me about some work carried out at Bromley Adult Education College, in south-east London. Following attendance at an RSC  Green ICT conference in 2009, staff from the college investigated … Read more

Printing Workshop

“Printing is out of control” it has been said, and certainly in many universities and colleges, this is true of staff printing. In many institutions there is to be found a plethora of  individual use, low-capacity printers attached to individual computers about which the users exhibit strong proprietorial and territorial behaviour.  Typically these printers do … Read more

Cloud Computing

In Birmingham today for the Cloud computing workshop run by the JISC funded project that is looking at the environmental and organisational implications of the Cloud for higher and further education.After a quick review of the evidence collected from the interviews have conducted, its down to discussing some of the issues being raised. Trust seems to be … Read more

Sustainable ICT Procurement in HE

The JISC funded Suste-IT project  has released a briefing paper on Sustainable Procurement in Higher Education. Procurement was identified as one of the key areas for activity in the main report from the project published at the start of this year. Buying the right servers and PCs can make areal difference to an institution’s environmental … Read more

Thin Client Movie

JISC has produced and released an eight minute video to provide some inspiration around the use of thin client approaches to reducing the carbon footprint of desktop computing. The video features the thin client installation at Queen Margaret University (QMU), Edinburgh, and follows on from the success that QMU had in winning the Green ICT … Read more

Greening ICT Programme Launched

Back from my holidays and able to flag up the launch of the first part of the JISC Greening ICT Programme. The main Grant Funding Call went out on the 2nd September and has the following parts: Call for proposals to look at the relationship between ICT related energy usage and responsibility for paying for … Read more