Understanding and minimising the costs of data centre based IT services

Drawing together a number of threads of the Greening ICT Programme, Jisc, in association with our partners in the EU funded e-Infranet initiative are running a free one day workshop on this subject in Liverpool on the 17th June.

What we will be doing is looking at some of the economic and financial constraints on DC planning and operations. We have a good line up of speakers and participants. Still a few place left.

We are exploring is the problem that many investment decisions are clouded by the way that many IT related costs are hidden from organisations and end-users. This makes decisions about Cloud or Shared Service type solutions, with their capacity to deliver benefits through economy of scale, difficult to make.

I don’t say that we have the answers, but the workshop should be a good place to be more certain about what the questions are.

We will be “amplifying” the workshop – a live blog and twitter stream will be running and their will be a rich media collation of the proceedings to follow. I’ll post links here in due course.

See the programme here


The booking form is here:


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