New Greening ICT Call for Proposals

Green ICT Call

JISC has now released the call for proposals for Phase II of the Greening ICT Programme. The call, which was issued on the 29th September extends and builds on the current projects funded under the Phase I call, and also extends the work into new areas.

There are three strands to this Phase II call. First is a Rapid Innovation strand, where we are looking for short, technically focussed, projects that are looking to implement some sort of technical solution to issues that may be standing in the way of progress in developing green ICT solutions. One secondary aim of this strand is to enthuse and empower the developer community and to get them to turn their many talents towards the issues surrounding Green ICT.

The second strand is being targeted at projects that are led or co-led by the director of estates (or equivalent in an institution, and whose “centre of gravity” lies with the estates department. The reason for this targeting is that we recognise that the engagement and involvement of estates staff is going to be crucial in tackling some of the issues that IT people cannot solve on their own. We hope by this to get a strong group of people within the estates world who will be used to working with innovation, and who can be pathfinders in that and in forging good relationships with their colleagues in IT and Finance.

The third strand is looking to fund a small number of 18 month long exemplar projects that will show how an institution can harness ICT to transform the campus towards a more sustainable future. In some ways this last strand was inspired by the Ecoversity project at the University of Bradford whose work sought to embed sustainability across the totality of campus activities. The exemplar stand of the Greening ICT Programme is looking for ways in which technology can make this sort of drive towards campus sustainability possible.

Details of the call and how to make a proposal can be found at:

Proposals are due back by 17th November 2010. Please note that late proposals will not be accepted. There will be a briefing session for people wishing to understrand more about the requirements of the call on 13th October at 10.00 AM. Please send an email with “Green ICT Briefing Session” in the subject line to r.bristow@jisc Note this will be a virtual briefing session.

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