Remote collaboration, anyone?

It may just be that this is the Green ICT Programme but I have been struck today that two different groups of people who want to talk to me about Green ICT have both offered the option of either a face-to-face or meeting by some sort of remote collaboration tool. One of the requests is for a workshop on sustainability for colleges in the North-East, and the other an invitation to debate the way forward in respect of Green ICT with senior folk from a university in the north of England.
One issue with video-conferencing is that historically it’s implementation and delivery and the overall experience have left something to desire, and those bad experiences can easily colour attitudes to the technology.
Hopefully the three JISC projects looking at various aspects of video-conferencing, remote collaboration and the greening of events will help to provide the firm foundations that we need to take the use of V-C and other tools to reduce the wear-and-tear on us and the planet from the need to meet and do business with each other.

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