Small scale carbon footprinting

At the RECSO project workshop yesterday in London, I had a chance coversation with Martin Sepion, Senior Adviser at the JISC RSC for London.

Martin told me about some work carried out at Bromley Adult Education College, in south-east London. Following attendance at an RSC  Green ICT conference in 2009, staff from the college investigated the ways of replacing computers in  a teaching room with more efficient equipment. The chosen solution was one from Ncomputing – a system that is somewhere between conventional thick clients and thin-client solutions. The System essentially allows one PC to run up to 11 sessions with separate monitors.

The team made use of the JISC developed Suste-IT carbon-footprinting tool to assess the savings made. This was estimated at 38% in terms of KW hours.

What makes this an interesting little snippet of good news is the use of the footprinting tool for a small scale assessment of change – in this case just a room. It would have been really nice to have had some metering in place to gather some real life data before and after to allow us to validate the assumptions in the tool, but that is the sort of activity that should be covered in the JISC funded “Does ‘thin client’ mean ‘energy efficiency’?” project being run at Leeds Met at present.

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